Thank You

I would like to thank all the team at KNP for all their support with the rebrand and printing jobs. Looks great !

Marketing Manager 

Business Design Centre


Another Happy Customer

I’ve been totally delighted with the service and work that you guys have provided me.

Your dedication to giving exceptional customer service is clear to see. My last order was hand delivered because you were ‘in the area’. It’s the personal service like this that sets KNP apart from the rest.

You continue to surprise me whenever I’m in contact with any of your staff and I’m always confident that my experience will be precise, speedy and efficient whenever I need something completing.

Thank you for being so fabulous to work with and for never failing to ‘wow’ me! An absolute pleasure! A lot of businesses could learn from you!


The Print Revolution

The print revolution is happening. After a rise of 4% income on printed book sales in 2017 it seems that publishers who moved to digital are now finding it levelling off with digital and with the print performances returning this now signals the ongoing return to the printed paper. Hopefully this growth will filter back down to b2b and commercial print and direct mail. #loveprint #knp #directmail #printing #publishing 

Sustainable Supply Chain

Many of our clients are interested in our sustainable print production. My answer is always “We are as good as OUR supply chain”. How many companies advertise they are carbon free and actually know where their supply chain originate from ?

We feel that this will only grow in significance for all businesses. So it’s important to help them understand how, as a partner, we can be part of their responsible supply chain, and contribute to them achieving their social and environmental goals.

Happy Customer

Hi Dave

Just want to say how helpful Charlie has been with my recent Primark mailing

The variable artwork which was generated had no bleed, but he has been able to work around this, which is a life saver for me as we have no time to go back and reproduce.

What a star J

Head of Marketing – Marketing Services

Paper – don’t you just love it ?

In today’s digital world of virtual reality, paper remains a trusted medium for communicating information and stimulating ideas. The look, feel and even smell of paper encourage exploration, allowing creativity to flourish and helping reinforce the retention of key messages. And with its tactile nature, it’s power to communicate quality is stronger now than ever before.

And yet another Happy Customer !

Hello Tony, I am writing to say thank you to you and your team. It was a pleasure to work with you and we are happy with the result. Enjoy the holiday season. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Nadya  Event Operations Manager Europe

Good work again by KNP team

Hi Mike,
The calendars have arrived, and our clients are thrilled (as are Natasha and I!) Thanks ever so much for your hard work and quick response time 🙂 Kind regards, Alysia ( Norwich Agency )