Happy Solar Independence Day !

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We are among a variety of solar power users supporting Solar Independence Day, an initiative by the Solar Trade Association (STA) to highlight the potential of solar power in helping to meet the UK’s energy needs.

As part of Solar Independence Day we have opened our doors to pre-registered visitors, giving local residents, businesses, schools and community groups in our area an opportunity see how our roof-top installation of solar panales is helping to reduce our production energy bills.

Solar Independence Day, which is also being supported by a range of other businesses, education establishments and even a housing estate as well as solar farms, is being staged to highlight the STA’s recently-launched Solar Independence Plan for Britain, which claims to demonstrate that solar power has the potential to beat fossil fuel on price.

Solar makes no noise or waste and has no moving parts. It produces no carbon emissions and with the right support could be as cheap as fossil fuel electricity by 2020.

For further details about Solar Independence Day, visit www.solar-trade.org.uk .