Direct Mail Delivers Engagement

Royal Mail statistics state that, 92% of recipients of targeted Direct Mail were compelled to online activity, 87% were influenced to make online purchases and 54% engaged on social media as a result of targeted Direct Mail.

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Want to be Noticed?

The average UK household receives 16 pieces of mail a week, whereas during that same week, the average UK consumer receives over 100 emails.

With more than 70% of direct mail opened the chances of reaching your target audience is far greater with an effective targeted Direct Mail campaign.



Direct Mail delivers results

Kit Kat had tremendous success with their promotional Direct Mail campaign with over 87% of the recipients redeeming a posted voucher at local news agents. Kit Kat were successful in promoting their brand and getting the public to taste their new product- the Kit Kat chunky. others have also witnessed the benefits of Direct Mail with over 2.5 billion coupons being redeemed in 2015.

Have you thought about Direct Mail in supporting your campaign?

We capture the CO2 emissions from our paper purchases…

We capture the CO2 emissions from our paper purchases that print our clients marketing material by planting native woodland, right here in the UK, with the Woodland Trust through the Carbon Capture scheme that we are committed to.
Woods and trees deliver £270 billion worth of benefits to society, that was the striking finding of The Economic Benefits of Woodland, a literature review of existing evidence prepared for the Woodland Trust by Europe Economics earlier this year.
Political interest in the report, which was launched at a breakfast event in the Commons has been encouraging. There is also a consensus that woods and trees have an enormous amount to contribute to the emerging natural capital agenda eloquently set out by the Natural Capital Committee Chair, Dieter Helm.
The contrast between the ever growing body of evidence about what woods and trees do for us such as cooling our cities, alleviating flooding and improving public health and the policy reality of planting rates which are in actual fact declining, illustrates why this is such an important topic to get to grips with.
By planting over 53,000 native trees we have helped to capture 13,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide whilst at the same time we have helped to protect existing and ancient woodland in the UK with the Woodland Trust.
This helps to improve the air quality throughout the UK as well as restoring natural beauty to the UK’s countryside.
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Not Bad For A Rainy Day !

Our 400 solar panels have been busy today even though the heavens have opened ! Even with the amount of rain we have had over the last few days we have generated enough energy to go back into the grid. #solarprintproductionFullSizeRender

Energy Event 15

Check out our new blog for The Energy Event 15. Little changes make a BIG difference to the way we print !

Happy Solar Independence Day !


photo 3 photo 4

We are among a variety of solar power users supporting Solar Independence Day, an initiative by the Solar Trade Association (STA) to highlight the potential of solar power in helping to meet the UK’s energy needs.

As part of Solar Independence Day we have opened our doors to pre-registered visitors, giving local residents, businesses, schools and community groups in our area an opportunity see how our roof-top installation of solar panales is helping to reduce our production energy bills.

Solar Independence Day, which is also being supported by a range of other businesses, education establishments and even a housing estate as well as solar farms, is being staged to highlight the STA’s recently-launched Solar Independence Plan for Britain, which claims to demonstrate that solar power has the potential to beat fossil fuel on price.

Solar makes no noise or waste and has no moving parts. It produces no carbon emissions and with the right support could be as cheap as fossil fuel electricity by 2020.

For further details about Solar Independence Day, visit .

Conference Awards 2015 Print Partner

We are all looking forward to the Conference Awards 2015 on 3rd July which we are proud to be the Print Partner of this great awards yet again. Great awards for great people ! See you there. #solarpoweredprintPrint Partner Logo

KNP Precision’s new eco-friendly head office officially opened by MP and Mayor

The extensive refurbishment and landmark extension to KNP was officially opened by new MP, Jo Churchill and Mayor, Patrick Chung on Friday, 22nd May 2015.
For their first social engagement since their election, the new MP and new Mayor travelled to the Lamdin Road HQ which KNP shares with Precision Marketing Group to officially open the new eco-friendly head office which includes over 400 solar panels and full LED lighting. The opening was attended by a number of senior figures from local businesses as well as representatives from the Suffolk Council, Suffolk Carbon Leaders & Carbon Smart.
Speaking at the event, Jo Churchill hailed the head office as offering ‘benchmark green initiatives within the printing industry.’ The new Mayor went on to say that ‘grant support from UK government and EU funds had already led to the creation of over 20 new jobs within the community.’
The new Bury St Edmunds’ building was part of a £2 million investment and took just under 1 year to complete. Dave Gibbons, MD and owner of KNP said ‘We are delighted to welcome the new MP and the new Mayor of Bury St Edmunds to officially open the building that we share with Precision MG and to also showcase and demonstrate the impressive facilities we have here in Lamdin Road. This is a real milestone and will dramatically reduce our carbon footprint as well as position us as the green leaders within our industry.’

Another Happy Customer !!

“Hi Tony,

Just a quick one to thank you for the Doddle job you did. Think it looks great, especially for being printed digitally.

Thanks to all involved.”

Director – London Agency