We capture the CO2 emissions from our paper purchases…

We capture the CO2 emissions from our paper purchases that print our clients marketing material by planting native woodland, right here in the UK, with the Woodland Trust through the Carbon Capture scheme that we are committed to.
Woods and trees deliver £270 billion worth of benefits to society, that was the striking finding of The Economic Benefits of Woodland, a literature review of existing evidence prepared for the Woodland Trust by Europe Economics earlier this year.
Political interest in the report, which was launched at a breakfast event in the Commons has been encouraging. There is also a consensus that woods and trees have an enormous amount to contribute to the emerging natural capital agenda eloquently set out by the Natural Capital Committee Chair, Dieter Helm.
The contrast between the ever growing body of evidence about what woods and trees do for us such as cooling our cities, alleviating flooding and improving public health and the policy reality of planting rates which are in actual fact declining, illustrates why this is such an important topic to get to grips with.
By planting over 53,000 native trees we have helped to capture 13,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide whilst at the same time we have helped to protect existing and ancient woodland in the UK with the Woodland Trust.
This helps to improve the air quality throughout the UK as well as restoring natural beauty to the UK’s countryside.
Check out www.woodlandtrust.org.uk